Drop the Beat
Writing Challenge

Level up your plot building skills with this FREE challenge that will help you find your story rhythm like never before!

Perfect Your Plot with Perfect Rhythm.

Tuesday, September 6th – September 27th, 2022


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The Foundations

Never made a beat sheet before? You'll receive helpful information on how story beats form the core of your story. Daily e-mails with helpful tips will guide your journey.

Build It Bigger

Put your story beat skills to work and use our story beat template to craft an exciting new tale.

Win Prizes

Submit your finished worksheet for a chance of winning one of a variety of fantastic prizes from AutoCrit (valued over $600). We'll also be pulling out random entries for feedback on our livestreams.

Got Questions?

Answers to common questions about the challenge.

No, and no. The Drop the Beat challenge is open to everyone. There is no fee to join, and you don’t need to be an active AutoCrit member.

If you choose to, yes! By the end of the challenge, we hope you’ll have crafted a beat sheet for a new story based on the template we provide. Submit your work to our judges, and we’ll choose a selection of the most striking or creative to win a prize.

Yes, there will be additional check-ins for this challenge, and participating in them increases your odds at winning prizes.

The worksheet will be e-mailed to you as soon as you sign up for the challenge. We recommend waiting to submit until the end of the challenge as we will be giving helpful advice and tools on how to best utilize the worksheet. 


Challenge Opening Stream: September 6th, at 1 pm Eastern US

Tips for Making a Compelling Inciting Incident: September 13th, at 1 pm Eastern US

Story Beats Explained: September 20th, at 1 pm Eastern US

The Lowpoint: September 27th, at 1 pm Eastern US

Closing Stream - Prize Giveaway:  October 4th, at 1 pm Eastern US

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Recordings will be available on YouTube if you miss the live session.

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