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Spelling and Grammar

Grammarly Integration:

AutoCrit has a built-in integration with Grammarly Spelling and Grammar checker which automatically checks your document. You can enable the spelling and grammar feature by clicking on the Grammarly icon in the right-side bar as shown here:


Spelling and Grammar Navigation:


You can simply scroll through your text and grammar and spelling suggestions will appear with blue and red underlines in your text.

With the Grammarly Integration open, you also have several options to navigate through your text:

>>  Advances to the next section of text.

<<  Returns to the previous section of text.

^    Returns to the start of your document.

X   This will close the Grammarly Integration

The number near the Grammarly Icon (shown in the image above as 9) indicates the number of identified spelling/grammar issues visible on your screen. This is not a total number of issues present throughout the entire document.


Spelling and Grammar Options:

Clicking on the Grammarly icon G, will open an options menu as shown above. Here you can connect your Grammarly account (not required), set your English language preference, and initiate the “view suggestions” dialogue box. View suggestions will trigger Grammarly to work through the visible issues on screen one at a time.

Connecting your Grammarly account, if you have one, will allow you to save words to your Grammarly dictionary and access more advanced features with Grammarly.


Turning Spelling and Grammar On or Off:

Clicking the “X” in the Grammarly navigation window will close the Grammarly Integration and return you to the AutoCrit Editor.

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