Enjoy 50% Off Every Year with AutoCrit Pro Annual Membership

Everything you need to write, analyze and edit your books to proven professional standards – at half the usual cost.

Enjoy 50% Off Every Year with AutoCrit Pro Annual Membership

Everything you need to write, analyze and edit your books to proven professional standards – at half the usual cost.

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Your All-In-One Writing Genius

Plan, organize, write and edit your books... all in one single platform.

Make the book creation process a breeze, with tools to develop ideas, plan your story, write your prose and edit to perfection... all at your fingertips.

Easily store and reference research, build character profiles, organize your flow and get ongoing feedback with no disruption to the creative process.

Forget hopping from app to app just to write your story. All you need to bring is your creativity. We'll bring everything you need to give it life.

Beat Writer's Block with the
Inspiration Studio

Explore the suite that sparks ideas and keeps your story moving.

Develop new ideas or map out existing ones with AutoCrit’s Story Builder. Fill in your premise, world-building details and characters, and then map the story out in a variety of integrated beat sheets. If you’re stuck, AutoCrit’s AI assistant can generate suggestions for you at every step with the click of a button.

Attach your completed plans to any project in the Writer’s Desk… and then get to writing!

Inject some extra life into every scene. AutoCrit’s AI assistant will analyze your story so far, and offer contextually relevant suggestions to meet the emotional tone you’re aiming for. With options ranging from joyous to somber, furious to disgusted, and everything in between, you’ll receive a tailored series of proposals that could help shift the tone of your story in the desired direction.

Be brave and try new things, with the groundbreaking tool that suggests plot twists, character revelations, ways to heighten tension, and outlandish events that will keep your readers guessing and have them clamoring for the next chapter.

Find the right words fast with AutoCrit’s smart thesaurus, which takes into account the context of the sentence you’re writing and offers the most fitting options to keep you moving.

Enjoy Expert-Level Feedback with the
Story Analyzer

Integrated tools for fast developmental editing.

Gain unprecedented insight into your book's narrative with the Story Analyzer. Break it down chapter by chapter, or enjoy an overview of how your entire story holds up.

Save yourself from hours spent waiting for feedback and tracking down plot problems, with your own automated beta reader right at hand.

With just a click, receive developmental feedback on your story's timeline, character arcs, conflicts, plot progression, potential contradictions, foreshadowing and more.

Are there lingering questions your story hasn't answered? Plot threads unresolved? Stretches where nothing important seems to happen? Experience it all from a reader's point of view, so you never drop the ball.

Write & Refine Like a Pro

Edit faster, publish sooner.

Whether you’re writing a slam-bang genre novel, the next literary masterpiece, or your autobiography, AutoCrit’s professional feedback helps guide you from Chapter One to The End.

The unique Summary Report helps you prioritize your efforts, making self-editing faster and simpler than ever. It's like having an expert writing coach by your side every step of the way.

Let your human editor skip the nitty-gritty of line edits and focus on the bigger picture... and save you cash in the process!

Produce cleaner, tighter, more confident writing at the click of a button with step-by-step suggestions in over 20 crucial areas, so readers never fall off the ride.

AutoCrit's interactive editing reports highlight areas of concern right inside your manuscript. Tighten your prose on the fly with chapter-by-chapter analysis, or scan your entire manuscript for those longer, coffee-fueled editing sessions...

And do it all with the pride of knowing you did it yourself, because AutoCrit doesn't write FOR you – it works WITH you to help produce cleaner, better writing and your most immersive storytelling yet.

Tools to Match Your Ambition

Just some of what's included with your Lifetime AutoCrit membership.

Summary Report

Ponder no more, with a quick overview of your manuscript that highlights trouble areas you should prioritize, along with an overall summary score to track your improvement over time.

Inspiration Studio

Plot your book with ease in your personal ideation suite. Flesh out your characters and world, and get helpful pointers to break through writer's block any time you get stuck.

Planning & Research

Proper planning prevents procrastination – and with integrated note cards and reference boards, AutoCrit ensures you have all your essential research and more to hand.

Productivity Tools

Productivity is key to success, and with integrated accountability and positive reinforcement tools, AutoCrit is here to keep you moving. Set your own custom writing goals and manage your day with built-in timers.

Edit Like a Pro

Polish your prose with more than 25 individual reports that make line edits a breeze to complete. Craft more compelling dialogue, eliminate fluff and filler, and produce a more rich and evocative reading experience.

Story Analyzer

Perfect your story from top to bottom with instant developmental feedback on timeline, character arcs, conflicts, plot progression, potential contradictions, foreshadowing and more.

Crack the Code of Your Genre

Whether you’re writing a rip-roaring fantasy adventure or a nail-biting suspense novel, AutoCrit's selection of genre-based editing reports have you covered for the guidance you need.

Become a Better Storyteller

Tackle weak writing, useless filler, repetitive phrasing, shifts in tense and point of view, and even slow or uneven story pacing. Track your progress with the unique AutoCrit Summary Score.

Unlimited Creative Freedom

Import your existing manuscript or start writing from scratch, with secure online storage for your manuscript that is there when you need it. No word limits – write and edit as much as you like.

Instant Feedback Available 24 / 7 / 365

No matter the time of day or stage of writing, AutoCrit is always at your side. Access your work from any internet enabled device.

Step-by-step Recommendations

25+ interactive editing reports deliver proven editing guidance based on extensive research into real-world publishing standards. Customize your reporting for greater personal control.

Private Community Support

Access the exclusive AutoCrit Member Community, featuring private discussion forums, special members-only events and Q&As with authors, editors, publishers, and the AutoCrit team.

All Features



Fully-featured Rich Text Writing Platform
Digital Noteboards & Cards
Digital Planning Tools & Templates
Dynamic Chapter Navigation
Advanced Bookmark Navigation
Automated File Versioning
Speech-to-Text Integration

Inspiration Studio

Story Builder
Change the Mood
What Happens Next


AutoCrit Overall Analysis
Summary Report
Overall AutoCrit Score
Direct Genre Comparison Score
Direct Author Comparison Score
100+ Best-selling Author Profiles
Pacing & Momentum
Sentence variation
Paragraph variation
Chapter variation
Dialogue tags
Adverbs in dialogue
Strong Writing
Passive indicators
Tense consistency
Showing vs telling
Unnecessary Filler Words
Word Choice
Initial pronouns and names
Sentence starters
POV consistency
Generic descriptions
Personal words and phrases
Power words
Word frequency
Repeated words
Repeated phrases
Phrase frequency
Readability statistics
Dale Chall readability
Complex words
Spelling & Grammar checker
Guided Editing – Fiction Genres
General fiction
Cozy Mystery
Historical fiction
Mystery & suspense
Paranormal Romance
Science fiction
Young adult
Guided Editing – Non-Fiction Genres
Non-fiction narrative
Non-fiction prescriptive
Biography & memoir
Health & wellness
Additional Features
Customized reporting
Advanced voice reader
11 voice options


Analyze your book and get near-instant feedback on character arcs, conflict, active plot threads, and more.

Contradictory Events
Timeline Analysis
Plot Thread Tracking
Genre Analysis

Productivity tools

Daily & Weekly Word Count Goal Tracking
Custom Goals & Reporting
Writing Sprint Timer
Pomodoro Timer
Positive Reinforcement/Focus Timer


Community Discussion Forums
Weekly Genre Club Meets
Exclusive Guest Q&A Access
Designed Accountability Experiences

author services

Story Inspection
First Chapter Critique
Perfect Pitch Appraisal
Story Doctor Clinic
Member Discount
Member Discount
Member Discount
Member Discount

More Than Just Software:
Get Hands-on Help to Improve Your Skills

Join a thriving community of creative minds.

Inside AutoCrit's supportive private community, you can chat, share your work, get feedback, and even attend live critique sessions and exploration of craft in weekly live meetings with AutoCrit staff and special guests.

It's the personal touch that helps give you the confidence that you're getting it right... and helps you find solutions if you aren't.

Authors Love It Here

From first-time novelists to international bestsellers, AutoCrit helps your writing shine.

AutoCrit Pro Annual Membership

AutoCrit Pro Annual Membership



Annual Just:


Get that AutoCrit feeling with a huge 50% saving when you pay annually.

Got Questions?

Here's everything you need know about AutoCrit Pro

AutoCrit is specifically designed for authors who want to cut down the time and stress involved in producing a professionally edited manuscript, without compromising on the quality of their work or their creative vision. Writers of all levels of experience are welcome here, as both the software and our live clubs and events help build and guide stronger technique and storytelling prowess across the board.

For the best possible user experience, AutoCrit includes a full suite of guides and explanations to help you interpret each analysis, plus advice on best practices for self-editing. If you need a hand, our team will be more than happy to hop on a call and help you through. Your success is, after all, our success.

AutoCrit is an online web-based platform. Although the site and tools are optimized for mobile viewing, we recommend using a desktop or laptop PC/Mac for the best experience.

Not at this time. As an online-only platform, AutoCrit requires that you have an active internet connection.

You can, however, choose to print your editing reports with highlights included, so you can complete your tweaks the old-fashioned way when you’re on the road.

Try it out! We offer a full 60-day money back guarantee with Lifetime membership. If you decide AutoCrit isn’t the place for you, there’ll be no hard feelings.

Absolutely not. AutoCrit produces recommendations based on style guidelines and trends in published fiction and non-fiction, but you’re always in control as the author. There are no hard rights or wrongs, here, so simply ignore any recommendation that doesn’t work for you.

Yes! When you revise your draft with AutoCrit first, you’ll give your editor a much cleaner manuscript. That means they can stop focusing on nitty-gritty details like how many adverbs you’ve used (almost always too many) and start looking at the bigger picture of the story itself… so your book knocks it out of the park on every level.

We love human editors (in fact, quite a few use our software!), so it’s our goal to make sure you have the best, most rewarding experience working together.

Yes. All our users’ projects are stored on 100% secure servers. Your work will never be shared with or accessed by anyone except you, unless permission is expressly granted by you for the purposes of support only.

AutoCrit uses generative AI inside the Inspiration Studio and Story Analyzer to provide contextual feedback and spark ideas. 

These tools are completely optional and different to how the editing side of the platform operates. All editing reports are based on algorithmic, simple data sets, with no generative AI involved.

AutoCrit’s use of AI is purely assistive. As it stands, the software will not write for you. If you’re looking for a program that will take a basic idea and then produce chapters of prose on your behalf, we’re afraid AutoCrit won’t be the right fit.

Absolutely not. The generative AI that powers the Inspiration Studio is output only. Nothing is ever fed back into the AI’s knowledge base or used to train it for future responses. We’re as protective of our members’ work as we are of our own.

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