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Add Your Spark to Real-Life Retellings

Tuesday, August 8th – August 29th, 2023


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The Truth Revealed

We'll provide a brief snippet describing particular real-life events. Regular tips will guide your journey as the challenge progresses.

You Tell The Story

Put your storytelling skills to the test as you translate the basic real-life information provided into a compelling piece of narrative writing to rival the most striking of memoirs.


Submit your plans to our judges, and a selection of the most creative or surprising entries will be chosen as winners!

Got Questions?

Answers to common questions about the challenge.

No, and no. The Rewrite Reality Challenge is open to everyone. There is no fee to join, and you don’t need to be an active AutoCrit member.

If you choose to, yes! By the end of the challenge, we hope you’ll have written a robust slice of narrative of which you can be proud. Submit your work to our judges, and we’ll choose a selection to make it to the finalists where the audience will vote on a grand winner.

Absolutely not. All our challenges are built to engage and inspire our community – that’s it. We make absolutely no claim to anything you create during the challenge. In fact, we hope your challenge activities form a springboard for you to go and write a full book.


Challenge Opening Stream: August 8th at 1 pm Eastern US

Challenge Stream 2: August 15th at 1 pm Eastern US

Challenge Stream 3: August 22nd at 1pm Eastern US

Challenge Finale: August 29th at 1 pm Eastern US

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Recordings will be available on YouTube if you miss a live session.

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