Story Analyzer: The Beta Reader in Your Pocket

Enjoy developmental feedback on your book at the touch of a button.

Instant Story Feedback

Go beyond grammar and style, with insights into the structural elements of your storytelling.

Analyze Crucial Elements

Conflict, characters, world-building, foreshadowing, plot threads and more – it's all at your fingertips.

Fix Problems Fast

Forget waiting weeks (or months!) for beta reader feedback by catching narrative issues in mere moments.

A game-changer in developmental story feedback.

Gain unprecedented insight into your book's narrative with the Story Analyzer. Break it down chapter by chapter, or enjoy an overview of how your entire story holds up.

Save yourself from hours spent waiting for feedback and tracking down plot problems, with your own automated beta reader right at hand.

Powerful observations to get you out of a pinch.

Feedback on timelines, character arcs, conflicts, plot progression, potential contradictions, foreshadowing and more are at your fingertips with AutoCrit.

Take care of potential story problems right out of the gate, overcoming common hurdles and giving your human beta readers and editor an easier time when they step in to help.


Make sure everything lines up at a glance with a quick synopsis for your story and chapters, offering that crucial "thousand-foot view."


Track conflicts throughout your story and ensure every setup has a payoff. If something falls to the wayside, you'll know about it in moments.l


Characters are key in creative writing. The Story Analyzer will track all your character arcs and point out those crucial key moments... or lack thereof.


Much like characters, creative worlds are living, breathing entities. See how your world-building efforts are paying off, with insights into the most prominent factors.

Possible Contradictions

Avoid the pitfalls of plot holes and contradictory events. If something seems off, the Story Analyzer will let you know about it.

Timeline Analysis

Get a quick overview of your story's timeline, so events don't get jumbled or happen at unbelievable or impossible moments. (Don't worry, we've all been there!)


Readers love the narrative "game" that comes with foreshadowing. The Story Analyzer will bring up key questions and important details you've highlighted, so you can ensure your intentional foreshadowing pays off... and the opportunities of unintentional foreshadowing don't go untapped.

Plot Thread Tracking

Enjoy observations of key plot threads from a reader's perspective, so no narrative threads are left unfinished.

Genre Analysis

Ensure your story's content matches the audience for which you're writing, with instant observations on genre fit.

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