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Everyone has a story to tell. But knowing how to tell it has never come easy. Enter AutoCrit -- the platform that fuses creativity with technology to make you a better writer and storyteller.

Benchmark your work against the style of bestselling authors such as Stephen King, Anne Rice, Brené Brown, George RR Martin, Tony Robbins, J.K. Rowling and more. Enjoy direct, word by word editing guidance that helps you finally get your book polished, done and out into the world.

The Most Advanced Writing Platform on Earth

* Over 30 powerful editing reports to help tighten your prose and improve your storytelling -- so readers devour your book with glee instead of moving on to someone else's!

* Set word goals for future projects and a time frame to achieve them, keeping you accountable and productive.

* Integrated planning tools ensure you have everything from character profiles to story beats and research all to hand throughout the writing process.

* Accessible rich text editing and distraction-free mode, so you can focus on your craft without interruption.

Pacing. Dialogue. Description. Clarity. These things and more are crucial to your book's success. From your initial idea to your final product, AutoCrit uses advanced technology to help you turn clunky drafts into polished writing that readers won't put down.

But it doesn't stop there. Consistent updates stay on the pulse of what's working in today's publishing industry. With new genre guidelines and built-in profiles of famous authors to compare your writing style, you're always on top of industry trends and the demands of your audience.

Give readers what they want to see, and sell more books.

Write & Edit Like a Pro

Just a few of the 30+ interactive reports you can explore inside the AutoCrit platform.

Summary Report

Get a quick overview of your text, highlighting trouble areas you should prioritize, along with an overall summary score to track your improvement over time.


Find those pesky adverbs in the blink of an eye. Simple highlights draw your attention, and numbered guidance helps you zero in on how many you should remove to match today's bestselling standards.

Pronoun and Names

Starting sentences the same way too often can distract or bore your reader. Find out how often you start your sentences with a pronoun or character name, and ensure your writing is varied and interesting.

Repeated Words

Everybody hates repetition. Here, you can identify words and phrases that are repeated in close proximity, so you can trim without having to read the same passages over and over again. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this one.

Dialogue Tags

When crafting compelling dialogue that lets your characters truly express who they are, overzealous use of dialogue tags is a hindrance, not a help. Let your dialogue do the talking by easily tracking and balancing dialogue tags throughout your book.

Spelling and Grammar

Identify mistakes in spelling and grammar and quickly correct them, with this integrated grammar checker. A must-have for any writer and included free with our Free Forever membership!

Low on Complexity. Big on Impact.

Editing doesn’t need to be as complicated as your plot

Word-By-Word Analysis

Know exactly what words to focus on first. No other system comes close to providing this level of detail!

“Jump” Navigation

Save time by clicking on a word or phrase in the Analysis Sidebar to jump your cursor right to the next instance.

Category Results

Focus your editing in each category with a target number of words to remove.

Save & Share Your Analysis

Share your text (with or without highlights) with a beta reader or editor with the click of a button!

Instant Feedback Available 24 / 7 / 365

No matter the time or how rough your draft, AutoCrit is always at your side. Access the platform from any internet-enabled device, wherever, whenever.

Step-By-Step Recommendations

Follow along with simple, step-by-step recommendations and craft writing that matches the quality of the best of thriller books.


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